AmnioLife is Now Alaris

April 27, 2017

Three-year old biologic technology company changes name to better support growth and articulate focus.

GAINESVILLE, FLA – AmnioLife is now officially Alaris Biologic Technologies. The name change more accurately represents the expansive market opportunities for biologics and products with regenerative properties.

“When we founded the company in 2013, we were focused primarily on gestational-derived technologies, and AmnioLife was an appropriate name,” said Gene Elliott, President of Alaris. “The opportunities that have been presented over the last few years have brought us to a position of expanding the vision for the company, and we felt a name change was appropriate. Alaris allows us to look not just at the origins of our work but at the results of our products in supporting, fortifying, and advancing human healing.”

Alaris is currently focused on providing biologic products in the areas of bone, soft tissue grafts, and gestational-based tissue. However, expansion in a variety of advanced clinical applications are in the works. The company is constantly striving for new innovations that advance tissue processing and manufacturing to capture the most regenerative properties and identify the next generation of healing technologies.

Alaris products are currently available through distributors throughout the United States.

About Alaris

Alaris is a biologic technologies company that is focused on advancing human healing. Though a young company, Alaris boasts one of the most experienced and respected teams in the industry. Alaris utilizes proprietary processes to maximize the healing properties of its products all while exceeding the highest safety and quality standards.

Alaris, which was founded in 2013 as AmnioLife, is a portfolio company of Fountainhead Investment Partners. The company offers a selection of human-derived products, including (sports medicine) soft tissue grafts, bone and gestational-based biologics, and serves as a contract manufacturer of biologic products for distributors.

Bonnie Caver